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Each person carries a reservoir of wisdom from their experiences, though at times, the path forward may seem unclear. My primary role is to guide you towards freedom, facilitating a shared journey from a complex past to a liberated, satisfying, and joyful present and future. I hope that together, we can explore the depths within, and discover a new ability to trust in life again. 


Therapy Through Photography

Phototherapy serves as a powerful instrument for fostering a deeper connection with both ourselves and the world that surrounds us. Within the complex details of a photograph, a profound truth about oneself is exposed. I extend an invitation for you to embark on a journey of exploration, delving into the wellspring of inner strength patiently waiting to be discovered. Above all, this exploration allows us to reveal fresh meanings and perspectives for experiences that may carry pain or struggle.

For further information about Photo-Therapy check the  Blog  section with real stories past clients (all identities are kept anonymous)!

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