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Client's Stories

"Group therapy with Matan has been transformative for me. Through his support, I gained a significant boost in self-esteem, enabling me to effectively assist my son with his mental health challenges. The weekly meetings emphasizes a hopeful perspective, dispelling despair and fostering an environment where I felt encouraged to openly discuss my problems rather than conceal them. The therapeutic approach instilled in me a newfound belief in myself, equipping me with valuable tools not only for personal growth but also to better support my son through his journey. Overall, Matan for me is an invaluable resource for mental health and well-being."

"Engaging in therapy sessions with Matan has been a transformative experience, fostering a sense of trust that was essential for my personal growth. Under Matan's guidance, I discovered the power of taking the first step, realizing that positive change is indeed achievable. The sessions provided a safe space where I learned to confront and openly discuss my feelings, overcoming the initial fear that held me back. Matan's encouragement helped me understand that beyond fear lies the potential for positive outcomes. Through this process, I was able let go of my fears and emerged on the other side, experiencing genuine personal progress and a newfound sense of empowerment. The therapy with Matan's guidance has been a catalyst for positive change in my life."

"I had a transformative experience while the therapy with Matan. Throughout the sessions, I discovered newfound confidence, comfort, and interest in exploring my emotions. The unique approach of incorporating photos into therapy provided me with a space to express thoughts and feelings that were challenging to articulate verbally. Each picture seemed to resonate with my life on a subconscious level, creating a profound connection. The therapeutic journey guided me towards tapping into an internal power source through the art of photography, instilling hope and bringing order to various aspects of my life. Highly recommended for those seeking a creative and impactful therapeutic process."

"Initially skeptical, I approached this therapy business with caution. However, as trust developed over time, I discovered a reassuring and safe space for self-reflection. Each weekly session brought a deeper understanding of myself, fostering a journey towards self-love. As someone who was once resistant to optimistic solutions, I now find myself actively seeking more hopeful approaches to overcome challenges. This therapy has been transformative, guiding me from skepticism to a newfound appreciation for positive change."

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