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Matan Sivan
Therapy Through Photography

My therapeutic journey commenced with the personal challenges I encountered as a mature man, compelling me to take responsibility for navigating this world. Through my own therapeutic sessions, I discovered profound compassion and self-acceptance, unlocking a wellspring of power, energy, and creativity to confront the complexities of life. The profound "gift" bestowed upon me in therapy ignited a sense of duty to share this transformative experience with others, driven by a commitment to my fellow human beings.

Over the years, my path unfolded as I earned a Bachelor's degree in photography and education, delving into the art of visual storytelling. I immersed myself in the world of photography, capturing moments frozen in time, and dedicated my efforts to teaching youth with disabilities. My exploration extended to the therapeutic realm, with a focus on phototherapy, and culminated in a profound journey of training in social work through a Master's program at Haifa University.

In the therapeutic space, I blend professional knowledge with personal experience. My vision is clear and resonant: to guide you towards a life in greater harmony with yourself and nurture a more fulfilling relationship with your own being. Regardless of the challenges you've faced, I firmly believe that you can embrace a life truly worth living.
**For better understanding about Photo-Therapy check the  Blog  section with real (anonymous) stories from the therapy room

The dark side of the moon version. Prism of the soul. Ethipian young man. Florishment. Old vaze. Plants. Beautiful creation. Light beems. Litted heart. compassion and care in the street. Broken parts background. Futurism. . Studio photo.colorful hues. Blue gray and black clothing. Heel from trauma. Lose the one you love. Care for family members. Look to the lens. Straight forward. Courage. Love. Heart to heart. Short hair. Buildings. Soft light.

My Approach

My approach is grounded in the belief that each person has the capacity to heal and grow. I work closely with my clients to help them tap into their own inner resources and strengths. My therapy skills have a diverse range of qualifications and training, and I am committed to ongoing professional development to ensure that I am providing the highest quality care to my clients.

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